Moonside Exists

Moonside is a comic I came up with to get some practice in.

I wanted to make a comic, and I figured a comic about guys who work on the Moon would be a nice little setting to work in.

Comics don’t make themselves though, and the only way I’m ever going to get good at making comics is to make some bad ones first. Moonside is a bad one, at least for now. The illustration is rough, the coloring is a little strange, and I’m not sure the writing actually makes any sense.

The first story is 8-pages, about a guy that works in a mine on the moon, but has strange dreams at night.

Moon dreams, you could say.

It’s free, because that’s how this boat floats.

I haven’t had a chance to make a neat website yet, so we’re going with this “out of the box” version for now.

It will get better.

The site and the comic.